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A lil bout me...


FOOD:..Pink Salmon & Boiled Bananas
Movie:.. TOP GUN
Song:...Stayin Alive(Bee Gees)
Place:..Infront of the Computer

I've Spent all my life living in Hampton Green, Spanish Town
now after 19 years were moving.. I welcome the change but with some reservations... but I think I'll pull through...
My brother Collin(28) is now studying in Rockford Illinois
My eldest sister Claudine is doing her Masters in Computer Sciences at the University of the West Indies(St. Augustine)
And my older but youngest sister is doing her masters in Physics at the University of the west Indies(Mona)

Me and My Good friend Mark

I Studyed Marine Navigation at The Caribbean Maritime Institute & I worked onboard two different vessels for a brief period.. While working on The Tug Petrojam Negril, we only went around the coast of Jamaica..But the M/V Pampero was a whole new experience..I went to Cartagena(Columbia), Guanta(Venezuela) & Port Of Spain(Trinidad).

But now I'm back to do some more School work for the next couple of years...